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May 14, 2018

We travel for our amazing adventure couples and their weddings around the world - but did you know that we also travel for commercial and brand photography?? With the crazy fast rise in the importance of social media, online marketplaces and digital marketing, the need for high quality and creative product photos is at an all time high. We as consumers no longer accept basic product photos and instead we care more and more about the story an item represents. We want to connect with how it was made, or where it came from - or we want to know the story of the consumer and whether or not we resonate with that before we make a purchase. Because of this, every small (and large!) business now has a need beyond your standard product photos shot on a white backdrop and wants to tell an authentic story about their brand.


Because we are already traveling quite often, and our personal photography style is more artistic and inventive, we created an opportunity for small businesses to get the photos they want and need without having to invest in and organizing a full production photoshoot.


Our recent trip to Arizona was a great example of this service! We set up a couple of shoots in interesting places around the state. Some featuring ourselves, some featuring professional models, some featuring the location itself! We then had multiple brands provide us with their products to shoot in our sets and have access to a gallery of photos in a unique location without any one company having to foot the bill for the set.



If you have a product you're looking to photograph in a fresh, creative way - let us know! We would be happy to share our upcoming travel itinerary or plan something new.

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